Former Owner Launches Casual Gaming Ad Network, Gamers Media

(*Source: TechCrunch*)

Jay Gould, the former owner of a social network and video site called that was started in the nineties but shut down this past fall following bankruptcy at the hands of a Universal Music Group lawsuit, has launched a new advertising network for casual gaming sites called Gamers Media.

The new network, which as GigaOm points out joins the likes of NeoEdge, Mochi Media and even Google itself, already claims to reach nearly 20 milion unique visitors across 40 sites. The company insists that these unique visitors are particularly attractive targets for advertisers since they earn high salaries and spend substantial amounts of time per visit on casual gaming sites.

Gamers Media has chosen Adify to power its ad network. Adify, which we wrote about in fall of 2006, provides software for the creation of vertical ad networks.

Gould is also the founder and CEO of WikiYou.

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